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What it’s like to be a drone pilot!

You’re 100-400 feet in the air and if you’re not careful you can hit a tree, a power line, a bird, or even a plane! Droning is serious business! But it’s also a very fun and exciting hobby (or in my case a great tool for business).

From the second I take off I am nervous and excited. It’s so much fun to fly! But I always have those nerves haha. I seriously feel like I am the one who is flying in the sky! I have been flying for over three years, two of which I’ve had my Part 107 (aka drone license) for it! I love the amazing videos and pictures I get from the drone but, my favorite part about flying is the people I meet! Literally every single time I fly I have an innocent bystander come over and talk to me about it! Kids also LOVE drones. It’s no surprise you’ll attract attention because of how loud the drones are but so far, all of my conversations with people I’ve met have been pretty great.

Today alone I met a nice cop. He actually works for a nearby airport and has software that detects when ANY drone takes off nearby! How crazy is that. He was very curious and friendly and wants a drone for himself! He asked a ton of questions and even showed us his laptop in his car that detects the drones. He was just making sure we weren’t up to any trouble which I think is awesome. Too many times people fly a drone without knowing about any of the airspace zones or how much damage you can actually cause if you aren’t careful.

To give you an idea of how serious it is to fly a drone, the Part 107 exam is the first test that an AIRPLANE PILOT takes while in flight school. The whole point is that you need to understand airspace and how to read maps so you can have a safe flight! Overall being a drone pilot is pretty badass 😜.

Shop my drone here:​

If you have any questions I’d love to answer them!

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