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5 Quotes To Actually Live By

It's finally February! If January didn't treat you well remember you can start over or start working on a goal at A N Y time! I want to share some quotes and poems that I actually live by. By that I mean that these aren't quotes to just use on an insta photo, these really hit home and I read them often!


If there is one thing I hear often it's that "everyone is doing that". Everyone is trying to be a content creator, everyone is a photographer, everyone is trying to model or act or this and that. THERE IS ROOM FOR YOU. No one is you. Also, no one can take on ALL of the gigs or projects (lol). Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. Stop that!


Nothing is more important than your peace. Make the conscience decision to notice the things that stress you out that are unnecessary. Give up the things that cause you unnecessary stress and keep you up at night. Nurture the things that actually make you happy. This is easier said than done but it's a sweet little reminder whenever you are feeling stressed or unhappy. You can do something about it.


ONE MORE TIME FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK!! This is one I preach so often. Break ups suck and losing someone can be really hard but someone better WILL come along. It took me some time to really feel this but its real. Chances are that person you aren't with any more wasn't that great anyway. Never settle!


Funny story, I tried to use this poem on my mom who would always yell at me for not cleaning something....she wasn't having it 😅😂

But seriously, this has been my favorite poem for years. Its a powerful reminder that now is the time. Don’t wait. All that you want to enjoy and do and pursue is not to be put off. Life is fleeting and this poem is a very powerful lesson on living in the moment.


This one is the newest one I have set into my life. I get SO ANNOYED at myself for how often I get in my own way. It's seriously you VS you. I am practicing this and I have to admit that I haven't mastered it but this quote is huge for me. I think about it every single time I hold myself back or think that I can't do something.

These quotes and poems are really special to me! I hope they inspire you in some way as well.



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