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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Graduating College

Hello world it's me, back at it again!

I hope you're having a lovely day and if you aren't well...I hope it gets better! Let's jump into it. Every now and then I learn something that I wish I could've known before I stepped into the "real world". I wanted to share a few of those things with you!

(This can also apply to people out of school.)


I know we don't have it all figured out but, if you have an idea of a job or career that you want to pursue, the best thing you can do is to look up the job description for it. Write down every skill and qualification you need for that job AND GET TO LEARNING.

College was so weird. At least for me it was. Most of my assignments were online. Even for my in person classes? Anytime I would find myself in class I noticed I did all of my real learning at home on my computer.. reading or watching videos on YouTube. College is what you make of it. You have to take initiative and ask questions. But in reality any skill you want to learn you can find it online sometimes FOR FREE.

Here are some links for sites where you can learn:

(1-month free trial then $29.99/month*)

(FREE if you have a library card!)


You absolutely 100% need to know how to write emails and how to talk to people. Knowing how to write isn't only about emails. You should know how to interact with people on a respectable business level no matter what profession you go into. My best tip for this is to read! Read and pay attention to how your bosses or professors send emails. Google the types of emails you may be unsure on how to write. For example, an email apologizing for being late or an email you want to write to let your boss know that you are unhappy at work. I wish I was taught this in college! You don't know what you don't know until you come across it. I learned email etiquette on my own following email formats from my bosses, co workers, and of course the all mighty Google.

A quote I think about a lot is “Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.” Remember that!

Email example links:


Money, fancy cars, giant houses, and in todays world, followers and likes are what most people

define as success. If you reevaluate what success means to you then you won't be chasing material things to feel fulfillment. I'd say making it to 92 is success. Living a long life, taking chances, and making mistakes is success.

Shifting your perspective is the first step to truly feeling grateful and you will free yourself from limiting beliefs. Because let's be real, in the end what matters is health, self care and love.

Great book recommendation:


Life is messy. Layoffs happen, and anytime it happened to me I ALWAYS had a better gig the next time around. When this happens to you, this is the time to reflect and take time for you. Life also isn't a race. So many of us can get easily discouraged by comparison.

It is so so important to try to find a job that you AT LEAST kind of like but preferably one you will wake up excited for. You will spend most of your time at work THIS IS SERIOUS PEOPLE! I know not everyones situation is the same. Some people need to support others and will have to take anything they can get. But I am writing to those who have the opportunity to take the time to apply for a job they will be excited about. Actually, you can even do this while you're employed at a job you hate. Take it from me, I made the mistake of just taking anything I could get and it was never worth it. I was very unhappy every second I spent at those jobs until I took the time and the risk to finally search for one I was excited about!


I promise that after you do what you think is SO scary you will realize it wasn't! Thats what life is about. Taking risks. If you don't then you will have regrets and there is nothing worse than having a bunch of regrets when you are older and look back on your life.

Be confident, keep learning, and take the damn risk.

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