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What do you want to do in life? This is such an important question to ask yourself! It's also a very annoying question that will be thrown at you throughout life especially during family events (lol).


BUT, you can't accomplish a goal without knowing what the goal is. It's SO important to ask yourself the following questions so that you can take the steps to MAKE SH*T HAPPEN.

  1. What Would I Wish for Someone I Love?

  2. What Would I Do if Money Wasn't an Object?

  3. What Things Would I Try if I Had No Fear?

  4. What Would Your 3 Wishes to a Genie Be?

  5. What Would My Ideal Day Look Like?

  6. Looking Back On Life, What Would I Be Most Happy About?

  7. What DON'T I Want To Do?

What Would I Wish for Someone I Love?

Sometimes it's easier for us to think about others. You may think that asking yourself what you want or deserve is too selfish. But, when you're asked what people you love deserve, you can come up with an answer right away! So, ask yourself, what would you wish for someone you love? Your answer says a lot about what you want for yourself too :)

What Would I Do if Money Wasn't an Object?

Some of us take any job just to make ends meet. We need to provide for others or want stability and security. For one second, ask yourself what if money wasn't an issue? What would you do then? Where would you go? What would you buy? Who would you spend your time with? These answers say a lot about your true desires and what you may be sacrificing.

What Things Would I Try if I Had No Fear?

Sometimes it's not money or your situation that is holding you back. Sometimes it's fear that holds you back. Think about what you're afraid of and realize that you are the only thing holding yourself back from everything you want.

If fear was absolutely no issue for you and nothing could happen to you, how would your life look differently than it is now?

What Would Your 3 Wishes to a Genie Be?

Asking yourself this is to get your spontaneous answers! These answers are typically what you truly desire and are usually really crazy ones. THE BIG DREAMS ARE THE SCARY ONES!!

What Would My Ideal Day Look Like?

A VERY important step in this process is visualization! Try to imagine how your ideal day would look like. What does your place of work look like? What does your house or apartment look like? Who are you spending more or less time around?

Also ask yourself your WHY? Why do you want your place of work to look or be that way? Why do you want to spend less or more time around someone or someplace? In answering you WHY you can fine tune your answers to bring your true desires to light.

For example: Sometimes we actually don't hate our jobs but notice we want to spend more time around our family or kids. Making adjustments to your work schedule can be all that you need to be much happier!

Looking Back On Your Life, What Would I Be Most Happy About?

Anytime I talk to someone much older than I am I love to hear their stories. This is a great way to not only learn about someone else's life, but to realize the things you want to look back on and feel happy/ proud of! Remember that tomorrow is not promised. On the day you look back on your life you don't want it to be saying "oh I wish I would have done that".

I know you thought of a few things you don't want to look back on and regret not doing! At least try. Make it a goal to have these expirences!

What DON'T I Want To Do?

Last but certainly not least, ask your self what you don't want to do. If after reflecting on all of these questions you are still unsure of what you want to do, the next best thing is asking yourself what you DON'T want to do. Most of the time the answer to what you WANT is the opposite of what you don't want to do!


I hope this helps you in your self discovery!

Remember it's as easy as:

Step 1- Asking yourself the deep questions (provided in this blog)

Step 2- Determine your WHY


Step 4- PLAN

Step 5- ACTION



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