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What makes portland so weird? Not sure because I had a great time! Maybe I'm weird too....hmm haha. So I was in Portland for 7 days, 5 of which were for work so I only had so much time to explore. Either way I'd love to share all of the fun things and great food I discovered!

(All of the titles include links!)

Here is my guide to 3 days in Portland.


Breakfast at broder cafe.

This place serves a delicious Scandinavian brunch. I recommend the danish pancakes!

(Pictured on the right)

Multnomah Falls

This is definitely a must see! Being from Miami just the drive alone to this area was absolutely beautiful. When you arrive to the parking lot you can already see and hear the beautiful waterfall. As you cross the street and get closer you definitely get colder! You can also start to smell the AMAZING freshly made nuts that a little booth near the falls makes.

The waterfall is fully visible from the lowest point of the hike! At the lowest point of this hike you will also be really cold so if you aren't going to do the whole hike I recommend an outfit like mine! I regrettably did the hike in this outfit haha. About 5 minutes in you REALLY begin to warm up! So if you are going to do the whole hike I recommend a workout outfit! I promise you WILL get warm.